Respond to COVID-19 with digital ordering processes.

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In response to the current crisis, qnips offers quickly implementable pre-order processes to respond to the current situation.

For you and us, the health and safety of all our employees, partners and customers is our most important concern. Therefore, we would like to take the additional opportunity to inform you that the entire qnips team is now working in the home office and is available for you as usual. Thanks to our cloud technologies, the team and the system continue to work seamlessly.

We are there for you!

COVID-19 poses great challenges, especially for the system and company catering industry.

Company restaurants are confronted with ever decreasing numbers of guests. Every day the situation changes and missing information makes the planning process for restaurateurs and caterers difficult to almost impossible.
So what can be done?

Quarantine cases and home office regulations already ensure that the risk of corona infections is reduced. But what about the employees who cannot work from the home office? The emergency staff of companies still want to be provided for!

Drastic times require drastic measures. But even now, there are still ways and means of securing even severely restricted restaurant operations and reducing the risk of infection.

Digital ordering processes enable the contactless supply of employees in the building as well as in the home office and thus open up additional secure supply channels. Since no one ordering process is suitable for all applications, we will present some customer projects below that may be of help in your current situation.

Please note that all these projects have been started before COVID-19 and therefore do not have to be a direct reaction of the mentioned customers to the current situation.

Online reservation of menus and seats
(Example Chrono24)

Online reservation of menus and seats
Quantities that can be better planned in advance for food calculation.

COVID 19 factor: Avoid queues and ensure a fixed number of seats in the restaurant. Quantities that can be better planned in advance for food calculation.

The staff pre-orders a meal using a menu that is available online and can be accessed via a link. In addition, the employees have to select a time window of e.g. 30 minutes in which they want to go out to eat when placing their order. The system holds a certain capacity for a time slot and closes the slot when the maximum capacity is reached. This ensures that the company restaurant is not overloaded and long waiting times occur. The food is paid for on site as usual.

Ordering and payment via app with pickup by the guest
(Example Aramark)

Ordering and payment via app with pickup by the guest

COVID-19 factor: Contact between guests is avoided in the restaurant. Ensuring a basic supply with a reduced team and reduced assortment.

Here the company relies on an app ordering system. Employees can pre-order their food from the office or on the road and pay directly from the app using PayPal or credit card. The order is displayed on a tablet as a Kitchen Monitor, which initiates production in the kitchen and sends the status of provisioning to the guest’s app in real time. The guest will be informed as soon as the order is ready to be picked up and can pick up his food at the counter.

Delivery to the workplace or Department
(Example Storck)

Delivery to the workplace or Department

COVID-19 factor: Closure of the company catering and supply of guests by delivery. Ensure a basic supply with reduced staff and reduced product range.

Storck employees have the possibility to pre-order snacks and breakfast via app and webshop. They pay against their wage and salary account. The orders can be cancelled or changed at any time.

The ordering processes can be tailored to your requirements.
These are just a few examples, which can be combined in many different ways. For example, different payment methods, ordering or delivery options, time slot reservations and channels are also available in other compositions.

We can support you with an individualized pre-order system or do you have any further questions?
Then the best thing is to make an appointment today by e-mail to or contact us directly on +49 511 165 899 0. Stay safe!