Collect and use customer feedback in company catering!

Customer feedback

Customer feedback is also an important part of quality management for company catering. With customer feedback, you not only promote a continuous optimisation process, but also receive trustworthy references. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on the opinions and suggestions of your guests.

But how do you get feedback from guests in the first place? What possibilities are there and how do you deal with the feedback? As an answer to these questions, we will give you a few useful tips in this article!

How do you encourage your guests to give customer feedback?

If possible, you should regularly ask your guests for a review and make them aware of the possibilities and ways to give customer feedback. To do this, you should be aware of how user-friendly your current process for collecting feedback is. The easier it is to comment or give a review, the more likely guests are to do so. If necessary, you can also motivate customers to write a short review with small incentives (e.g. 5% discount on the next menu).

At qnips, we make it particularly easy for you: Using our survey function for web & POS and the feedback functions of our apps, it is very easy to receive detailed and structured customer feedback. Whether via the internet or directly on site in the company restaurant.

The qnips feedback feature offers several ways to collect customer feedback

What possibilities does the qnips feedback feature offer?

With the qnips feedback feature, there are several ways to collect customer feedback:

Conduct individualised user surveys with the survey function:

The survey function in the qnips dashboard allows you to create and conduct individual questionnaires. The questionnaires can be created and managed directly in the dashboard with both open questions and star ratings or yes/no questions. This allows you to easily add new questions or create new questionnaires later.

Item-specific customer feedback via QR code at the point of sale:

By using a point-of-sale integration in the qnips dashboard, direct feedback can also be given for each transaction of an item. Your guests can simply scan a QR code on the invoice and provide item-specific feedback – including comments. So instead of general feedback, you benefit from detailed, personal customer feedback.

In the qnips app, your guests can give a feedback for the corresponding dish directly on the digital menu.
In the qnips app, your guests can give a feedback for the corresponding dish directly on the digital menu.

Collect customer feedback – on site or on the go!

In addition, your guests can also easily give their feedback on site via our qnips terminals and steles. Simplify the feedback process and allow your guests to provide feedback with just one click. Via app, your guests can also enter their comments directly in the digital menus while on the go. In addition, you can send your surveys via email and web link or communicate directly with guests via chat. Read more

What happens with the collected customer feedback?

Once your customers have given feedback, you will conveniently receive an evaluation of the data by email or in the online administration of the dashboard. This includes details such as date, time, item, name of the waitress, table number, etc. In addition, you can view several locations or stores together to carry out a benchmark comparison and always have all touchpoints in view! If, for example, an Excel file is required for further processing of the customer feedback, you can also easily export the evaluation results as a CSV file.

Basically, it is important to react regularly to customer feedback in order to show how important this feedback is to you. Especially negative feedback should be reacted to as quickly as possible. Here it is important to deal with the problems of the guests intensively and to consider each problem individually. Standard answers are never well accepted!

In this case, you can carry out quality management for your entire product range with little effort and further improve your offer through small details. Show your guests how important and serious their feedback is to you!

We can support you with the qnips feedback feature or do you have questions about other qnips features? Then it’s best to get in touch today! We are happy to take appointments and enquiries via or on +49 511 165 899 0.

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