Fast, clever, innovative… the qnips ordering system

No waiting queues in the canteen? Coordinated ordering processes with simple payment? No problem for our qnips ordering system! Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly important to automatize and digitize processes in company canteens. It is significant that your guests are involved and convinced in the process of digitization. For this purpose, we have developed the qnips platform with an ordering system, with which the latest features and technologies are coordinated and integrated into the company canteens.


Manage your menu efficiently? No problem with qnips!

With a clear dashboard, menus, pre-orders, nutritional information, news, product feedback and much more can be structured and all data can be evaluated through order reporting for instance for each cost centre. Moreover you can import all information automatically from your merchandise management system and manage it in qnips’ central CMS (Content Management System) as well as present your own product details such as allergens, additives and nutritional values. Besides the filter for allergens and additives gives your guests the possibility to exclude certain dishes directly. Content only needs to be created once and can be published with one click in the qnips ordering system. Different price levels can also be created for dishes, for instance to distinguish between subsidized and external prices. This implies the setting regarding a different price for trainees or for external guests, for example.

Ordering process in company catering

Using the pre-order function, your guests can order food in advance and pay directly if required. You could read more about qnips as an interface for payment providers in the further payment section of this blog entry. Thus, waiting queues in canteens can be avoided and production planning can be more sustainable. The different ordering modes display your individual process for each location. For instance, in order to supply the guests comprehensively, especially at large locations or canteens, there is the possibility to define different delivery locations and times as well as lead times. If your guests want to eat lunch, they can pick up the order at a specified location and define the pick-up time in advance.

Kitchen Monitor System

The Kitchen Monitor System (KM) systematizes and organizes the production and ordering processes in the canteen. It is connected to our cloud-based system and provides an overview of all orders at a glance. Furthermore, it is usually a tablet, or a large screen, which is used in the kitchen as a collection point for customer orders (via the catering app). So when a user orders his food, that assignment appears directly on the screen to the kitchen staff. The status of the order changes depending on its stage from, for example, “In process” to “Ready for collection”. The KM can also be connected to a printer for the creation of individual labels. The push notification function can be activated and shows when the order is ready for collection. Additionally, live status updates for incoming orders can be displayed to the user on the mobile phone or on the web app.

Simple Payment, Simple Process, Simple Qnips!

Our order system has a variety of mobile payment options that enable fast and secure payments. Mollie, FreedomPay, PayPal, Stripe and VR Payment and many others are available to the user. More details can be found on our partners & interfaces page. A POS (Point of Sale) interface for your cash registers for billing or your own credit cards can also be connected to the qnips platform. By connecting the CV-SB (Computer Vision Self Checkout) cash register, we enable a seamless checkout. Thus the AI-controlled (iPad) checkouts ensure better canteen management, shorter queuing times, faster ROI (Return of Investment) and easier operations. Connected to the qnips platform, all data is collected and is made available in one place. In addition to our seamless checkout, the qnips platform offers you seamless paymentmobile payment or QR-payment. This means that payment is made via cloud credit.

Attention! Extended functions for the qnips ordering system

In the last few months, some new features have been added to our ordering system.

In the menu management, qnips offers the possibility to store main and secondary components. This has an effect on the allergen filter in the apps and in the catering portal, because secondary components can be exchanged or omitted in order to avoid an intolerance. In addition to the effect on the allergen filter, the orderer can select numerous variation options (deselection, exchange of components…) for a dish via optional component groups.

Another new feature offers the possibility to store preparation options for individual dishes. For example, you can define the cooking level or portion size. Furthermore, it is now possible to define a minimum order value and additional delivery costs for orders, which are automatically added to the guests’ order in the shopping basket.

qnips photo feature

With the help of the photo feature, you can fill your menus in the app and now also in the Catering Portal with attractive photos and icons of ingredients or allergens. Product images for daily dishes can be created and uploaded directly after the sample plate has been prepared in the kitchen. These can then be forwarded to the mobile apps, the catering portal or digital signage screens. Photos in the menu are enhancing, offer your guests something for the eye and help with decision-making.

We can support you with the automation and digitization of your company canteen with our catering app. Would you like to learn more about it? Then take a look at our demo portal and click through our catering portal to get to know our ordering system. Simply book yourself a free demo appointment.

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