The Yummy Case – Cashless payment for modern company canteens

The YUMMY App by Albron

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly important to offer contactless and cashless payment methods. Especially in gastronomic businesses, such as modern company canteens or restaurants, guests increasingly expect a modern and digital customer journey. A cashless canteen is not only more hygienic, but also more efficient and faster in the processing of payment transactions. In this way, digitisation in company catering can serve as an opportunity to further develop the user journey and effectively design processes. We took the first step, with a completely cashless canteen, together with one of the largest Dutch caterers – Albron BV.

By combining the qnips platform with Albron’s YUMMY app and the ePaper Displays from Opticon, a modern case for a cashless and user-friendly canteen with various ordering, payment and rating features was created.

Usability and functionality – the YUMMY Case features

After downloading the YUMMY app, in the Apple or Google Play Store, the user receives a short onboarding for all basic features. As soon as the respective location has been activated, all dishes for the current week are displayed at a glance. The user can then decide in advance which dish he or she would like to enjoy at lunchtime. In addition, all important information on ingredients, allergens and nutritional values is available in the detailed view of the dishes. In case of intolerances, dishes can be easily filtered and excluded according to these criteria. Registered app users can also set an allergen alert for certain ingredients. When visiting the canteen, the selected dish is scanned directly via the app on the corresponding ePaper display at the food counter and automatically ends up in the shopping trolley.

All features in one app

The order can be completed by paying for the lunch via the app. With the selected payment service provider or with the credit system, there is no need to wait long at the checkout, so guests can enjoy a longer and more relaxed lunch break. With use of the app, the user receives various coupons with offers and discounts and can collect loyalty points with a digital punch card. In addition, all the latest news and announcements from the canteen can be viewed in the app. Another way to be up to date at all times are the push notifications of news directly in the inbox. While the user is looking at all the dishes on offer, he or she can also give a rating for the dish that tasted best. They can either award stars or write a comment with product-specific feedback.

increase customer loyalty with coupons

Innovations & interfaces for cashless payment in modern company canteens

A project like this requires reliable partners and innovative interfaces that interact smoothly with each other. Albron uses the qnips platform to import data from the merchandise management system Delegate – which are then made available for use in the YUMMY app.

In order to make the payment process as simple and convenient as possible for Albron’s guests and employees, Albron integrated the payment service providerAdyen – into the YUMMY app using the qnips platform. With Adyen, Albron has a reliable partner at its side with whom secure online and offline payments are possible worldwide. In the future, other payment service providers from the Netherlands will be available for our customers and business partners, such as Rabobank. The project was supported by our Dutch partner and food consultant Fooditis. The company advises clients on the choice of a wide range of solutions, such as food management systems, communication tools or digital signage concepts. With the tool “BrightGreen”, Fooditis can also calculate the CO2 impact of your products as well as your entire menu range.

Scan & Go in the YUMMY Case!

Select, scan and enjoy. This simple Scan & Go principle is possible thanks to the interface with Opticon. With the new ePaper technology, dishes can be scanned directly at the buffet via the app. Via NFC (Near Field Communication), a contactless data exchange takes place between the ePaper display and the app. This way, the selected meal automatically ends up in the guests’ shopping cart. The guest can pick up the food and pay for it conveniently via app at the lunch table.

“The qnips platform helps us gain real insights into what customers actually want.” emphasises Ernest van de Voort (Manager of Business Development, Marketing and Concept-Development) in the qnips x Albron video about the YUMMY Case. Automation at the point of sale saves time and costs, and with the help of the collected customer feedback, processes and the food offer can be improved in the long term. At the same time, trends in customer behaviour can be recognised earlier, measured more easily and used more quickly. Company canteens can thus benefit from the collected data and react proactively.

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