The Nutri-Score: Easy healthy nutrition.

The Nutri-Score is coming to Germany

If only healthy nutrition was so easy. 

Thanks to the Nutri-Scoreit soon can be! The small labelthat looks like a traffic light, is already  in use since 2017 in France to provide a fast overview of the nutritional value of food productsWith the help of letters (A to E) and colours (green to red),  the ingredients are being rated  to give information about their nutritional score. In the rating, it is evaluated how many favourable (e.g. proteins) and how many unfavourable (e.g. saturated fatty acids) nutritional  elements the product containsThrough thatthe focus is taken away from only the calories and instead gets layed on the actual components of the food. With thatconsumers don’t have to  draw their own, and maybe even wrong, conclusions anymore. 

2020 also in Germany.

Until nowthe label was not allowed in Germany. On August 19th 2020, a regulation of the German Federal Cabinet was enforced to introduced the Nutri-Score to the German market until autumn  of this year – although only voluntary. An obligation for  the use can only be caused by the  EU parliament. 90 percent of the people in a survey of the BMEL claimedthat the label  is easy to understand and intuitive. 

Nutri-Score in Catering.

Beispielbild eines Gerichts mit Nutri-Score von sodexo

In company catering, the Nutri-Score is becoming more and more popularWe already introduced it with our partner Delegate Group for digital signage media for our Belgian customer Sodexo. 

Menu-Icons from qnips. 

Speiseplan Icons von qnips

We at qnips already designed our own menu icons in 2011, that are free to use for everyone since 2019. They show allergens and other ingredients, to enable customers to see at first glancewhat is includedThey have been widely used in our appscatering portals and menus. 

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Tips and tricks for picture editing with the new qnips picture editor on the dashboard.

Der Bild-Editor im qnips Dashboard

Who needs Photoshop & co. if there is an easier way? As of nowyou will find an integrated picture editor in the  content system of the qnips dashboardNow you can create great content for your app and your catering portal even easier. 

The matching picture format 

As of now, you will find predefined picture formats in the content area for the individual display options

As of nowyou will find predefined picture formats in the content area for the individual display options of the qnips app and the catering portalDepending on the needed display position, you can easily insert your own material or use pictures form the Unsplash Integration. Through that, all pictures will automatically be displayed in the right format! 

The matching image section 

The new cropping function allows youto also choose the right image 
section additionally to the picture format.

The new cropping tool allows you to also choose the right image section additionally to the picture format. Make surethat no important detail is cut off in the chosen format or unwanted black edges are created. Just move the mask on top of the picture to the right spot and click on save! 

Don’t worryShould you not have the capacity to add your pictures to the different  formatsthe system will just fall back onto the original and will use that for the chosen display option. 

Colours, filters and effects 

As of nowyou will also find our own integrated picture editor on the qnips dashboardSimiliar to the functions of different image processing programsyou can now directly edit your pictures on the dashboard with effectstexts and correctionsWe compiled a few tricks and tips for the editing of your pictures below: 

1.) Caution with colours and filters! 

Even though filters are the easiest method to edit a picturemany of them are not suitable for every image. But you can easily achieve visible effects with small adjustments of the grain and the brightness. 

Changes in grain and brightness make the image look softer and more modern.
In our example, we just activated the brightness and the grain and the picture already seems softer and more modern.

2.) Work with contrasts 

picture does not just consist of colours but also of the contrast from light and dark. Through adjustments of the contrasts you can give the pictures a more structured look. Colour contrasts are also important when you use text on the picturessince they catch the attention of the viewer. 

Work with contrasts
In our example, we at first used a black rectangle as a text background. Then we put a text box in the same size on top of it and chose a white writing. 

3.) Use of simple and large picture elements 

To specifically direct the eye of the viewer, you can work with simple and big picture  elements, as they help to increase the picture’s message. 

Use of easy and large picture elements 
In our example, we added a red heart icon as a last step, again as a contrast to black and white. It symbolizes our excitement for the lunch menu! 

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With qnips products against COVID-19: Corona measures at a glance!

The “new” normal in Corona everyday life poses a great challenge for many restaurateurs and caterers. We will give you an overview of how you can master this “new everyday life” together with our qnips products and implement Corona measures:

  • Online reservation systems via app and catering portal
  • Pre-order food for delivery or collection at the workplace
  • Capacity utilisation control via people counter
  • Corona “traffic light” for regulating the flow of visitors

Online reservation systems via app and catering portal

With the beginning of the relaxation of the corona measures, reservation systems have become particularly important. Reduced seating capacities and detailed recording of contact data require a lot of time and a good overview.

With our reservation systems for the app and the catering portal, you always have an overview of your reservations. Inform your guests about free reservation time slots and enter all important contact data directly online. Also benefit from the electronic reservation book with table management and receive email and SMS notifications about new reservations.

Pre-order meals for delivery or pick up at the workplace

The pre-ordering of food and the collection or delivery to the workplace are also brought into focus by Corona.

Pre-order food via app or catering portal

Enable your employees to order quickly and easily online directly from the menu. Specify a delivery location or a time for pickup. Payment is also made online and contactless.

Component selection

You can also individualise the purchase orders by releasing components. Your employees then have the additional option of for example putting together the burger of their choice and selecting from various snack components.

Capacity utilisation control via people counter

With the so-called people counters you can measure the capacity utilization in your stores. You can set a limit for a maximum capacity so that employees can recognize high capacity utilization early on and, if necessary, postpone their visit to another time. You also receive statistics on the average capacity utilization on different days of the week and at different times.

Additionally, you can transfer an occupancy display to your app or your catering portal to show your employees minute by minute what the current occupancy rate in the company restaurant is and how many seats are still available.

Corona “traffic light” for regulating the flow of visitors

Use a digital capacity utilisation display to ensure that there are only as many guests in the company restaurant at one time as it is necessary to maintain all minimum distances.

Keine alternative Textbeschreibung für dieses Bild vorhanden

The Corona “traffic light” measures in real time at the entrance and exit of your restaurant the number of people entering or leaving the restaurant. Inform your guests about free seats and possible waiting times. This eye-catching digital occupancy display can be implemented with existing people counters or independently.

If you have any questions or if we can support you with our qnips products in your Corona measures, please make an appointment today via email to or contact us directly at +49 511 165 899 0.

qnips publishes Corona icons

qnips Corona Icons

Just in time for our “soft” restart in the qnips office, we have developed our own corona icons, as an indication of compliance with hygiene and safety measures. These are intended to contribute to the safe teamwork of our employees in times of the corona pandemic.

Instead of restricting the use of the corona icons only to the qnips office internally, we have decided to make the icons available for free download to everyone. The health and safety of all our employees, partners and customers is our most important concern.

You’ll find the icons as .SVG and .PNG in our GitHub profile and can use, change, customize or colorize them as long and as often as you like. Stay healthy!

Using the dashboard is now even easier. Thanks to Userpilot.

Der User Pilot im qnips Dashboard

Manual was yesterday. Thanks to Userpilot there are now interactive tutorials for the qnips Dashboard. Be successful with step-by-step instructions (and get less support requests)!

You would like to explain how to use the Dashboard to a new colleague, but haven’t had the chance to learn all the functions yourself?
Then qnips now offers you the possibility to simplify the onboarding process by integrating the Userpilot.

Save time with Userpilot

With the User Pilot there is now a walk through tutorial for the qnips Dashboard.

Improve the dashboard experience for you and your key users or make it easier for new colleagues to get started. Supplement personal (telephone) training appointments with an individual tutorial, or simply refresh learned topics from a training course.

Your advantages

Time-saving: Don’t leaf through an endless manual for a long time, but receive instructions on exactly those processes that are relevant to your workflow.
Dynamic: The Userpilot adapts individually to the changes in your dashboard.
Interactive: A personalized user experience that allows you to complete exactly the guidance steps you need.

How the User Pilot works

Together with qnips, develop a dynamic online user guide for your dashboard, designed in your corporate design. You decide which content is available in your individual tutorials and thus optimally adapt the experience to your own needs and those of your key users. Simply contact your qnips contact person!

You don’t know us yet and you are interested in our functions in the qnips Dashboard? Or maybe you have questions about other qnips features?

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Corona-Control: Guide your customers with “traffic lights” and people counters!

digitale Einlasskontrolle

First relaxations of the corona measures come into effect and companies can slowly start thinking about resuming their daily business.

For retailers, a minimum distance of 1.5 metres still applies, with a maximum sales area of 800 m². Access controls at the entrances are intended to guarantee the minimum distances. A timetable for the reopening of the gastronomy should also be set.

This is how the digital entrance control works

Control the capacity utilisation of your company restaurant with the help of digital access control. Simply specify a maximum number of visitors and control the entrance automatically with a noticeable digital visitor or guest traffic light. qnips supports you in setting up such a digital display, which can also be easily integrated into your qnips Dashboard.

Control the capacity utilisation of your company restaurant with the help of digital access control.

The quotient of the current canteen visitors and the maximum occupancy rate is updated in real time. The people counter transmits the current occupancy rate in real time to the intranet and to a digital display at the entrance of your company restaurant.

We can support you with a digital capacity utilisation display or do you have any further questions? Then please make an appointment today by e-mail to or contact us directly on +49 511 165 899 0.

Respond to COVID-19 with digital ordering processes.

qnips Bestellsysteme

In response to the current crisis, qnips offers quickly implementable pre-order processes to respond to the current situation.

For you and us, the health and safety of all our employees, partners and customers is our most important concern. Therefore, we would like to take the additional opportunity to inform you that the entire qnips team is now working in the home office and is available for you as usual. Thanks to our cloud technologies, the team and the system continue to work seamlessly.

We are there for you!

COVID-19 poses great challenges, especially for the system and company catering industry.

Company restaurants are confronted with ever decreasing numbers of guests. Every day the situation changes and missing information makes the planning process for restaurateurs and caterers difficult to almost impossible.
So what can be done?

Quarantine cases and home office regulations already ensure that the risk of corona infections is reduced. But what about the employees who cannot work from the home office? The emergency staff of companies still want to be provided for!

Drastic times require drastic measures. But even now, there are still ways and means of securing even severely restricted restaurant operations and reducing the risk of infection.

Digital ordering processes enable the contactless supply of employees in the building as well as in the home office and thus open up additional secure supply channels. Since no one ordering process is suitable for all applications, we will present some customer projects below that may be of help in your current situation.

Please note that all these projects have been started before COVID-19 and therefore do not have to be a direct reaction of the mentioned customers to the current situation.

Online reservation of menus and seats
(Example Chrono24)

Online reservation of menus and seats
Quantities that can be better planned in advance for food calculation.

COVID 19 factor: Avoid queues and ensure a fixed number of seats in the restaurant. Quantities that can be better planned in advance for food calculation.

The staff pre-orders a meal using a menu that is available online and can be accessed via a link. In addition, the employees have to select a time window of e.g. 30 minutes in which they want to go out to eat when placing their order. The system holds a certain capacity for a time slot and closes the slot when the maximum capacity is reached. This ensures that the company restaurant is not overloaded and long waiting times occur. The food is paid for on site as usual.

Ordering and payment via app with pickup by the guest
(Example Aramark)

Ordering and payment via app with pickup by the guest

COVID-19 factor: Contact between guests is avoided in the restaurant. Ensuring a basic supply with a reduced team and reduced assortment.

Here the company relies on an app ordering system. Employees can pre-order their food from the office or on the road and pay directly from the app using PayPal or credit card. The order is displayed on a tablet as a Kitchen Monitor, which initiates production in the kitchen and sends the status of provisioning to the guest’s app in real time. The guest will be informed as soon as the order is ready to be picked up and can pick up his food at the counter.

Delivery to the workplace or Department
(Example Storck)

Delivery to the workplace or Department

COVID-19 factor: Closure of the company catering and supply of guests by delivery. Ensure a basic supply with reduced staff and reduced product range.

Storck employees have the possibility to pre-order snacks and breakfast via app and webshop. They pay against their wage and salary account. The orders can be cancelled or changed at any time.

The ordering processes can be tailored to your requirements.
These are just a few examples, which can be combined in many different ways. For example, different payment methods, ordering or delivery options, time slot reservations and channels are also available in other compositions.

We can support you with an individualized pre-order system or do you have any further questions?
Then the best thing is to make an appointment today by e-mail to or contact us directly on +49 511 165 899 0. Stay safe!

The qnips “Unsplash” feature: free images for commercial use

Unsplash Bildersuche

A picture is worth a thousand words.
That’s why with the qnips “Unsplash” integration you will find thousands of pictures, that are free for commercial use.

Search for suitable Content to illustrate your news or to inform about a promotion week by adding the right photo. All this is just a few clicks away.

Integrated into your dashboard, the new feature allows you to search for images online as you create content. Choose quickly and easily from over one million freely available, high-quality images, compiled by an international community of professional photographers and creators.

What is Unsplash?
Unsplash is an online image database of over one million freely available, high resolution images that you can use for free. For more information about the Unsplash license, click here.

Here’s how it works
Within the “Content System” of the qnips Dashboard, in the “Media” tab you will now find the new button “Unsplash Images” . This will take you directly to the new image search.
The rest is very simple: search, find, use. Totally free of charge.

You can use the pictures within your dashboard or menu-app
You can then use the selected images directly in your menu app, in your intranet menu or on monitors.

Good to know.
Unsplash “speaks” English only (and can therefore only be searched in English), but qnips translates your German search terms automatically, just like you can translate your menus with our CAT tool. Good, right?

Are you interested in new features by qnips or do you have any questions? Then make an appointment today via e-mail to or contact us directly on +49 511 165 899 0.

Sharing is caring – qnips publishes menu icons

At the start of the LMIV in Germany, qnips has developed its own icons for allergens or other labels, which have become quite popular and are now used thousands of times in our apps, catering portals, menus and displays.

We were repeatedly asked by our customers to be able to use the icons also in other places (e.g. other internal systems) to achieve a consistent labelling. Of course, we are happy about a broad use of our own solutions, but instead of limiting, the added value of the customer always comes first.

We have therefore decided to make the icons available to everyone free of charge.

You can find the icons as .SVG and .PNG in our GitHub profile and you can use, change, customize or color them as long and as often as you want. Have fun with it!

qnips CAT-Tool: Professional translations with the help of modern technology

Use artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically and reliably translate your menus into any language.

Your company, like many others, is facing the challenge of internationalization? Then qnips now offers a cost- and time-saving solution that is just a mouse click away: CAT

Click on the magic wand to see the translation.

Here is a brief explanation
Up to now, professional translations had to be done manually and therefore mostly required own international employees in the catering team or an expensive agency. Our CAT-tool has nothing to do with cats, but stands for Computer-Assisted Translations. A computer-program that translates even complicated texts. It brings digitalization into the dreary world of translation culture.

How does the qnips CAT tool work?
The translations are created via a cloud interface as soon as the data is transferred from the ERP, so that they are available immediately after import.However, if the translations still need to be adapted individually, this can be done via the “Edit” function of each individual product line.

All advantages at a glance:

Do cats translate your menus plans from now on?

  • Low- priced
  • Real-time translations
  • effortless handling
  • the accustome

Free trail
You already use qnips? Your qnips project manager activates the CAT tool in the dashboard for testing. Just call or send an e-mail to your known contact.

We don’t know each other yet and you are interested in our digital translation professional? Or do you have any questions about other qnips features? Then please contact us today. Questions are always welcome via or +49 511 165 899 0.