Achieving carbon neutrality as an IT company – #qnipsgoesgreen | PART 3

The topic of sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in the area of contract catering. Efforts to reduce waste, the increasing focus on vegetarian and vegan cuisine, and the reduction of food-related CO₂-emissions and the pursuit of carbon neutrality underscore this movement.

That’s why we at qnips decided to make our contribution to sustainability more than a year ago and embarked on an exciting journey to carbon neutrality. We’ve been busy scoping our CO₂-emissions and coming up with measures and strategies to offset and reduce them. Now we are happy to say – qnips is carbon neutral! (at least for the year 2021)

Supporting projects to achieve carbon neutrality

Together with our partner Cozero, we have chosen a portfolio solution to offset our CO₂ emissions. We will explain in this blog post what exactly this means:

Key facts of the "Proyecto Mirador"

We offset the total of 175t of carbon emitted in 2021 via The Gold Standard Foundation. The Gold Standard manages best practice measures in the areas of climate and sustainable development and promotes projects to offset emissions caused by companies. “Proyecto Mirador” is a project we have chosen that promotes the use of environmentally friendly cooking stoves in Honduras.

The “Proyecto Mirador” project provides families in Honduras with heat-efficient, low-smoke cooking stoves that require 50% less fuel to heat than conventional cooking stoves. As a result, families have to collect less wood – this counteracts deforestation and the time saved can be invested in the children’s education.

And these are our next steps:

Now that we have offset our emissions for last year, we can call ourselves carbon neutral (at least for this period). But we also know that this is not the end of the road when it comes to climate neutrality – on the contrary, it is only just beginning.

We are currently tracking our emissions for 2022 so that we can offset our CO₂-emissions at the end of this year.

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