Using the dashboard is now even easier. Thanks to Userpilot.

Der User Pilot im qnips Dashboard

Manual was yesterday. Thanks to Userpilot there are now interactive tutorials for the qnips Dashboard. Be successful with step-by-step instructions (and get less support requests)!

You would like to explain how to use the Dashboard to a new colleague, but haven’t had the chance to learn all the functions yourself?
Then qnips now offers you the possibility to simplify the onboarding process by integrating the Userpilot.

Save time with Userpilot

With the User Pilot there is now a walk through tutorial for the qnips Dashboard.

Improve the dashboard experience for you and your key users or make it easier for new colleagues to get started. Supplement personal (telephone) training appointments with an individual tutorial, or simply refresh learned topics from a training course.

Your advantages

Time-saving: Don’t leaf through an endless manual for a long time, but receive instructions on exactly those processes that are relevant to your workflow.
Dynamic: The Userpilot adapts individually to the changes in your dashboard.
Interactive: A personalized user experience that allows you to complete exactly the guidance steps you need.

How the User Pilot works

Together with qnips, develop a dynamic online user guide for your dashboard, designed in your corporate design. You decide which content is available in your individual tutorials and thus optimally adapt the experience to your own needs and those of your key users. Simply contact your qnips contact person!

You don’t know us yet and you are interested in our functions in the qnips Dashboard? Or maybe you have questions about other qnips features?

Then get in touch with us today. We are always happy to take your appointments and questions at or under +49 511 165 899 0.

Corona-Control: Guide your customers with “traffic lights” and people counters!

digitale Einlasskontrolle

First relaxations of the corona measures come into effect and companies can slowly start thinking about resuming their daily business.

For retailers, a minimum distance of 1.5 metres still applies, with a maximum sales area of 800 m². Access controls at the entrances are intended to guarantee the minimum distances. A timetable for the reopening of the gastronomy should also be set.

This is how the digital entrance control works

Control the capacity utilisation of your company restaurant with the help of digital access control. Simply specify a maximum number of visitors and control the entrance automatically with a noticeable digital visitor or guest traffic light. qnips supports you in setting up such a digital display, which can also be easily integrated into your qnips Dashboard.

Control the capacity utilisation of your company restaurant with the help of digital access control.

The quotient of the current canteen visitors and the maximum occupancy rate is updated in real time. The people counter transmits the current occupancy rate in real time to the intranet and to a digital display at the entrance of your company restaurant.

We can support you with a digital capacity utilisation display or do you have any further questions? Then please make an appointment today by e-mail to or contact us directly on +49 511 165 899 0.