The road to a smart company canteen: qnips and partners demonstrate the future of catering technology at Internorga 2024 

An image that invites you to visit qnips at Internorga 2024 and introduces the partners and the event date (08.03.2024 - 12.03.24)

qnips, the leading platform for digital solutions in the contract catering industry, is pleased to announce that it will once again be present at Internorga 2024. The fair for the catering, hotel and food service industries will open its doors in Hamburg from 8th to 12th March. Together with three well-known partners – Zuply powered by Innovend, Dishtracker and Matilda Foodtech Germany – qnips will be presenting holistic digital solutions for modern catering

What to look forward to at Internorga 2024:

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Imagine how effortless it can be to manage menus without tedious Excel spreadsheets. That’s exactly what the fascinating qnips X Cloudmenu interface offers. Purchasing, production planning and assortment management can all be done easily, while menus can not only be made visually appealing with just a few clicks, but can also be communicated across multiple channels such as the app, web or signage. And that is just the beginning. 

The qnips X Dishtracker interface takes you into the future of the cashless canteen. Here AI and visual food recognition speed up the checkout process, eliminate queues and give guests valuable time for their lunch break. Just hold a tablet under the camera and pay with digital credit or your payment service provider of choice.

New dimensions for canteen vending

qnips is also proud to present a brand new qnips product: the qnips Vending Unit! This innovative solution enables the simple and efficient digitisation of vending and coffee machines. Instead of having to insert coins, customers can now simply pay at the vending machine using an app. And the best part? The integration works with any type of vending machine, so no expensive new purchases are needed to make the move to digital. With the qnips Vending Unit, upgrading existing hardware is quick and cost-effective. Come and have a cup of coffee at the qnips booth at Internorga and see for yourself!

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, the qnips X Zuply interface is the first to offer a compact, autonomous store for contract catering. This cutting-edge innovation can be used to bridge canteen closing times and create additional catering options. Guests authenticate via app and their smart shopping experience begins. The store automatically recognises which products the guest has selected and when they leave the store, the shopping basket in the app is automatically closed and billed. 

Another exciting project at Internorga 2024 is the filming of a new story about qnips catering manager George Thompson. George Thompson is already known from the qnips image film and will now be at the centre of a new story to be filmed at the fair. 

Statements about the Internorga

We are delighted to once again present innovative solutions for modern contract catering at Internorga 2024 with three great partners,” says Christian Brützel, founder of qnips. “The digitization of company canteens continues to be an important topic, and we are proud to be at the forefront of shaping the future of the industry.” 

With the cooperation of this year’s three exhibition partners, we have the opportunity to show our customers and visitors once again that digitization has something in store for all sizes of business. From simple management and display of menus and marketing content to extensions for a smart point-of-sale and a fully autonomous canteen, we have the right solution for every business,” emphasises Business Development Manager Kenji Koch. 

You are welcome to visit qnips and all its partners for a personal meeting at booth A2.306. If you are unable to come for a visit on site, you can also take a virtual tour of the booth.  

About Matilda Foodtech: 

Matilda Foodtech develops innovative IT solutions for contract catering to make all processes healthy, safe, sustainable and economical. The aim is to enable people to eat well, regardless of age and health, and to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. With 110 employees in seven locations, Matilda FoodTech is a strong partner in Northern Europe. More about Matilda Foodtech 

About Dishtracker: 

Founded in Vienna in 2019, Dishtracker is a leading provider of food recognition solutions for the catering industry. Its main goal is to make everyday life easier through innovative technologies. With a strong focus on innovation and customer centricity, they develop customised solutions and have already enabled over 12 million successful checkouts. Dishtracker shares the goal of revolutionising the catering industry and looks forward to helping shape the future of contract catering. More about Dishtracker 

About Innovend:

Innovend provides intelligent unmanned sales and pickups solutions for various markets. Its own software and hardware offers a wide range of modular solutions that can be combined in various ways and linked to third party applications. Under the Zuply brand, Innovend offers innovative solutions for healthy catering in the workplace. Its unmanned vending machines are available 24/7 and allow employees to order meals in advance and pick them up fresh. More about Zuply

About qnips: 

As a cloud-based catering platform, qnips helps companies streamline and digitise their catering management, for example by automating ordering and payment processes, creating digital menus and designing marketing content that can be delivered directly to app, web and digital signage. The platform simplifies allergen labelling, analysis of relevant data on ordering and consumption patterns, and canteen guest satisfaction. As a result, processes can be digitised and time and resources can be used more efficiently. More about qnips