Whitelabel catering apps from qnips modernise contract catering

Ansicht verschiedener Screens aus der qnips Gastro-App

Successful canteens use catering apps to make as many processes as possible as simple as possible. Contract catering is no exception.

Or at least it shouldn’t be.

Yet every day, thousands of catering managers around the world wonder how they are going to print all their menus on time and distribute them by hand around their facilities. They ponder whether to reprint all their menus at short notice or rewrite them in pencil. They struggle with whether to take food orders by email and painstakingly enter them into Excel spreadsheets, or to print the spreadsheets, distribute them and collect them throughout the day because they have to.

A digital solution could obviously save a lot of time and money, but questions like “Where do I get it? “How do I make sure it covers all my needs?” and “Is it right for my business?” get in the way of implementation.

Catering apps offer you a wide range of features!

This is where we at qnips come in and provide you with exactly the answers you are looking for. qnips offers catering apps that allow your customers to

  • View menus for multiple locations online,
  • Place and manage orders and track their collection status,
  • Leave reviews of dishes and the canteen
  • Receive information from the canteen directly as a notification in the app,
  • Make contactless payments directly in the app or automatically.

As a caterer, you can also send news, announcements and special offers to your customers quickly and easily via the app. You can automatically receive, organise and manage orders in the central dashboard.

Both the reporting functions (automatic collection of all relevant sales and interaction data for your products, available to you at any time) and the integrated stock management, which allows you to keep track of your stock, help you do this.

Choose between catering apps that you can access on Android or iOs devices such as mobile phones or tablets, and apps that you can access as websites on all Internet-enabled devices such as computers. All this speeds up and simplifies organisational processes in the catering business, which means also your customers will be happier.

Three examples of how you can customise qnips applications
One app – 3 different configurations of the individual modules

Build your own customised catering app!

The special thing about qnips products is that they can be tailored to your individual needs. This means that you are not tied to an off-the-shelf solution, but can decide for yourself, module by module, which features your catering app should have and which not. The building blocks are the above-mentioned functions of the catering app, such as the ordering system, feedback feature, content manager and mobile payment. You can also add or remove modules after your catering app is complete, just as your business needs them.

Importantly, you don’t have to take these steps alone. Part of the app development service is full project support from qnips project managers. They will advise and assist you in all matters relating to your catering app and then take over the building, support and customisation to your corporate identity.

What does “white label” mean?

qnips helps you to get a catering app that is functionally adapted to your needs. But is it YOUR app? Yes, absolutely!

An important part of qnip’s products is whitelabelling. Whitelabelling means that a product is designed in such a way that we seamlessly integrate elements relevant to branding and corporate identity (such as logos, colour accents or product labels) into your app without applying our own qnips labels.

This means that no one but you will know which technology partner is behind the app. That great app from the flagship canteen of a famous institution that you admired the other day? Who knows, maybe qnips is behind it.

qnips helps you to get a catering app that is functionally adapted to your needs.

We can help you create your own Catering app!

As you can see, the answers to the questions “Where can I get an app?”, “How do I make sure it covers all my needs?” and “Is it right for my business?” are answered quite quickly. We are there for you with our qnips apps, our customisation services and our white-labelling options!

If you would like to find out more about our apps or how to make your existing qnips app even better, why not arrange a consultation today by emailing info@qnips.io. Or by contacting your contact person directly.

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