Intelligent NFC technologies create conditions for a cashless company canteen

Smartphone is scanning a digital price tag via NFC

Hamburg, 14 March 2023

This year’s Internorga in Hamburg once again showcased the latest trends and innovations in the catering industry. Impressive was the best practice example of a completely cashless canteen in the course of the cooperation between the catering platform qnips and the NFC technologies of Opticon. The aim of the cooperation is to create a seamless digital process flow in the company canteen thanks to the integration of NFC-enabled digital price tags.

A great dining experience for guests through the use of NFC technologies

In the Digitisation Hall at Internorga, qnips GmbH presented modern features for the digitization of company catering. With the ePaper Displays from Opticon it is possible to create a completely cashless canteen thanks to modern NFC technologies. NFC-enabled price tags in the form of ePaper Displays are used for this purpose. Via the qnips catering app, the guests of the company canteen receive an overview of the canteen’s daily or weekly offers. In addition, they receive all important information about allergens and nutritional values directly for the respective product. Once on site, the selected dishes can simply be scanned with the app. Contactless data exchange between the ePaper display and the smartphone adds the meal directly to the app’s shopping basket. Payment is then made conveniently via the mobile payment provider in the app, so that guests do not have to wait long at the checkout.

Digital price tags on a retail shelf

Enhancing the appreciation of work-life balance during the lunch break  

With the Scan & Go feature, we enable guests to save a massive amount of time during their lunch break. By simply scanning and paying, guests effectively get more out of their lunch break because they don’t spend half the time waiting in line at the food counter or cash register,” emphasizes Christian Brützel, owner of qnips GmbH. In recent years, the importance of work-life balance has increased significantly among employees. This also includes a restful and relaxed lunch break with colleagues. “By integrating our hardware with the qnips platform, we create a completely cashless canteen and thus a fast and smooth process flow at the food counter,” says Dick de Haas, Sales Manager at Opticon. The Scan & Go system is already successfully in use at one of the largest Dutch caterers. 

About qnips 

As a cloud-based catering platform, qnips supports companies in optimizing and digitizing their catering management, by automating ordering and payment processes, creating digital menus and designing marketing content that can be delivered directly to app, web and digital signage. The platform simplifies allergen labelling, as well as the evaluation of relevant data on ordering and consuming behaviour and the satisfaction of canteen guests. In this way, processes can be digitized, and time and resources can be used more efficiently. 

About Opticon 

Dutch hardware manufacturer Opticon has been developing intelligent barcode scanning solutions for a wide range of industries and markets since 1976. From electronic shelf labels in the local supermarket to NFC-enabled price tags in the company canteen, the company produces internationally leading hardware. Opticon manufactures its products in ISO 9001 certified facilities and works to international standards for quality, safety, and environmental protection. 

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