Robotic Kitchen and Catering Platform create workload relief for canteen staff

Robotic kitchen in a canteen

Hamburg, 14th March 2023

At this year’s Internorga, qnips GmbH once again presented the latest innovations in the field of digitisation in contract catering. The focus of the exhibition was the cooperation with the Berlin start-up Aitme. Aitme builds a kitchen robot for use in staff catering. Aitme and qnips are working together on an interface between the robot kitchen and the qnips catering platform. The aim is to make ordering more flexible and convenient for guests.

A forward-thinking collaboration for a digital customer experience in the canteen

At the qnips booth, Internorga visitors were able to experience how easy it is to order food from the Robotic Kitchen via an app or web portal. The qnips app allows a simple selection of different meals, including allergen labelling. Meals can be easily customised when ordering and pre-ordered for a desired time. Payment is made via a mobile payment provider or by using credit in the qnips app. Guests then collect the freshly prepared meal directly from the kitchen robot. Authentication is done via QR code or PIN from the order.

App with menu

Kitchen robot addresses lack of qualified staff and new working habits

The Corona pandemic has ensured that the effects of a lack of qualified staff and hybrid working models are creating ever greater challenges in the catering industry. “Many company caterers are telling us about a shortage of staff. Hybrid working models with home office regulations make it difficult to forecast consumption accurately,” says Kenji Koch, Business Development Manager at qnips. In order to provide catering for employees on less busy days or in locations without their own canteen, qnips is currently working on integrating the Aitme Robotic Kitchen.

The Robotic Kitchen is a flexible catering option in times of home office and new work. It enables round-the-clock food supply and optimal use of short break times through pre-ordering and pre-production,” says Laura Wulff, Head of Sales & Business Development at Aitme. Minimal space requirements and comparatively low investment costs ensure that kitchen robots are increasingly coming to the fore in the industry. The Robotic Kitchen offers more than 80 different meals – from Currywurst Bowl to Pasta Dishes or Caeser Salad. This cooperation between qnips and Aitme has already resulted in concrete projects using the Robotic Kitchen in well-known company canteens.

About qnips

qnips is a cloud-based catering platform that helps businesses improve and digitise their catering operations. qnips automates ordering and payment processes, creates digital menus and designs marketing content that can be delivered directly to apps, web and digital signage. The platform simplifies allergen labelling and the analysis of relevant data on ordering and consumption patterns, as well as customer satisfaction. As a result, processes can be digitised and time and resources can be used more efficiently.

About Aitme

The Aitme robot can be operated cost-effectively and with low staffing requirements. It provides a simple 24/7 solution that works during off-peak hours and at night. The Robotic Kitchen can be integrated into an existing canteen or operated as a stand-alone solution in locations without catering facilities.

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